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At The Sound Factory, in collaboration with Center Stage, we take pride in offering a comprehensive solution for all your music production needs. Our studio is equipped with an impressive array of top-tier gear, ensuring every track is captured with exceptional quality. We provide a wide range of services to suit virtually any project. If you don't see what you need listed, please get in touch, and we'll gladly assist in meeting your specific requirements.


Our services include vocal comping/tuning, drum alignment/replacement, audio restoration, and guitar reamping, as well as multi-track editing and session preparation for mixing & mastering. Our skilled engineers are ready to address any editing requirements you may have.


- The Sound Factory boasts a spacious live room featuring custom hardwood flooring that can comfortably accommodate a full band.

- Our expertly engineered vocal booth excels not only in capturing vocals, but also in recording voiceovers and acoustic instruments.

- Additionally, we offer two separate isolation booths for instruments, with one spacious enough to house a full drum kit, producing a tighter, punchier drum sound when needed. 


Our experienced team can optimize your audio mix and deliver a radio ready result for distribution.


Utilizing top-notch Universal Audio conversion and multiple, professionally treated mixing spaces, our team of engineers is ready and able to produce radio-ready mixes that will impress in all listening environments.


The Sound Factory prides it self on being a one stop shop for all things production. Contact us and we'll custom tailor a recording package best suited to your musical aspirations and budget.


Our close relationships with many of the top recording musicians in the area, as well as in Nashville, New York, and L.A., ensures that we will always be able to find the best musicians to fit your project and budget. 

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